The American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin (ASEI) is a national organization of professionals of Asian Indian diaspora in the USA that shares knowledge among its members, shapes the next generation of engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists and technologists and performs community service helping the disadvantaged and underprivileged.

American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin (ASEI) is hosting the 35th Annual ASEI National Convention focusing on the Next Generation of Engineering and Innovation (NEI-2023). This virtual convention will be held on September 30th, 2023. This convention aims to provide a forum to promote and share advancements related to Global Engineering & Technologies. The convention is expected to be attended by over 1000 professionals, including scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders across the USA. This convention will feature multiple interactive sessions with prominent business owners, technologists, media personalities, educators, policymakers, and investment bankers. The local and national media, including leading social media outlets will cover this event.

The convention will end with a finale session on December 6th where those who have made outstanding achievements in engineering and technology and those who have contributed to society at large and to ASEI organization will be recognized.

Nomination Process

Please fill in the appropriate nomination form and send it in with a bio and other supporting documents such as press cuttings of any achievement or previous awards. Nominations can be for self or by a colleague, except for ASEI Service Excellence and Lifetime Achievement Awards, which have to be nominated as instructed in the nomination forms. All nominations must be received before November 15th 2020.


This award is presented to an individual who has been a member of ASEI for at least 15 years, served and participated in various capacities in the activities of local and national chapters and contributed significantly to promote the vision and goals of the ASEI organization. This candidate is selected by the recommendation of the Award Committee and approval by the Chairman of the ASEI board.

This award recognizes the achievements of an ASEI member, who best exemplifies the ideals of entrepreneurship by starting and successfully managing one or more businesses in a way that demonstrates notable entrepreneurial characteristics and achievements.
  • The company should demonstrate profitability.
  • The company should demonstrate significant growth and long-term potential.
  • The entrepreneur should note contributions to the community through charitable or leadership roles.
  • The company should demonstrate innovative employee programs and corporate culture.
  • The entrepreneur should demonstrate the ability to overcome adversity.
The nominee should have demonstrated significant achievements in cutting-edge technology in their field of engineering or related science, managed and directed an organization or founded a company and made noteworthy contributions in design, manufacturing, production or service through the use of engineering principles and applications.

This is the highest recognition that ASEI bestows upon an individual who has exhibited exemplary leadership that has benefited ASEI organization and ASEI members at large. The recipient should have been responsible for one or more major initiatives, which have resulted in notable and/or highly innovative achievements or expansions of the ASEI mission (ASEI Mission: "To promote growth and development of programs and initiatives that foster career and professional development for ASEI members and cultivate engineering, scientific, and technical exchanges between USA and India”). The recipient is required to have served in one or more responsible positions within ASEI. The award honors an individual who has
  • Played a key role in establishing and building the ASEI Value.
  • Made notable contributions to the advancement in the field of engineering.
  • Given selflessly his/her time and energy to the ASEI national and local chapters.

ASEI FOUNDER’S AWARD (Click to Nominate)

Open to the ASEI national officers and committee members. The person who has contributed the most in the previous year will be recognized. Recommendation has to come from previous year’s officers as well as current officer and sent to Hari Bindal to finalize the award. The award consists of a plaque, memento and a cash award of $1,000 presented at the ASEI Annual National Convention banquet event.

ASEI Corporate Excellence Recognition Program (CERP) (Click to Nominate)

Developed in 2005, the CERP awards are a result of ASEI collaborating with leading US corporations. The vision of CERP is to salute the innovative strength that comes from a diversity of human capital. This award recognizes corporate excellence of outstanding engineers of Indian origin who are employed in industry, academia or government entities. Candidates are nominated by their managers and approved by their Human Resources department.
The CERP awards are presented for five categories as follows:

Corporate Engineering Excellence Award (Professional achievement)
Corporate Woman Engineer of the Year Award (Gender specific)
Corporate Young Engineer of the year Award (under 35 age, less than 10 years experience)
Corporate Outstanding Achievement Award
Corporate Service Excellence Award

The CERP awards criteria is based on achievements, innovation, leadership, teamwork, integrity, community service, and leadership roles in other professional societies such as SAE, AIAA and ASME, etc.

Instituted in 2005 by the ASEI board, these awards are administered under the auspices of the ASEI Award Committee and in cooperation with the Corporate Selection Committee. The awards will consist of a plaque and recognition during the ASEI Annual National Convention banquet. Applications for the CERP awards are submitted by the sponsoring company.

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